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Bullets Playing Cards

Poker set with 300 ceramic poker chips "Paulie" with denominations.

Poker set with 300 ceramic poker chips "Paulie" with denominations.

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    Contents: 300 ceramic poker chips, 4 ceramic plaques, ceramic dealer button, 2 decks of Bullets plastic playing cards, poker rules in German and English.


    Bring the real casino atmosphere home.

    Who doesn't recognize the typical sound of a ceramic chip? With our "Paulie" poker chips, you also get the right tactile feel. The chips stack beautifully and are easy to grip thanks to their special surface.


    Our poker set for the poker professional

    Our poker set for the poker pro.

    We designed the poker case with ceramic poker chips for an exceptional gaming experience.

    The set is an ideal gift for both poker enthusiasts and beginners. It already includes everything needed to play.

    We stand behind our products without compromise

    The ceramic poker chips come in a well-thought-out denomination - perfect for home games.

    The colored instruction manual explains the rules for poker beginners but also provides tips for experienced players.

    The included plastic playing cards should be familiar to every poker player.

  • Weight of each chip: approx. 10 g
  • The colored instruction manual includes rules for Texas Hold'em poker as well as tips and hints for the game.
  • Perfect denomination of the chips: 50x 5, 50x 10, 75x 25, 75x 100, 25x 500, 25x 1.000
  • Includes ceramic plaques: 4x 10,000


  • Delivery time within USA: approx. 3 - 5 days
  • Delivery time abroad: 5-9 days


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